One way to help cure something is a disease with or through the three - day cleansing program or cleansing the body for three days .

In general , except by accident , someone is sick because of malnutrition because of food or by eating too many fatty foods and slimy . Meat foods and foods derived from animals , as well as cooked foods will leave mucus - mucus and food debris in the body .

If someone is sick because of lack of nutrition , then he will be helped by eating fresh foods (eating raw food) and reducing foods cooked . But if someone is sick because of accumulated food debris , grease , slime - slime , and cholesterol in the body then the body of the patient needs to be cleaned .
Hygiene , both outside and inside , is the first step to obtain health . Do not forget to mention Indonesian who said , " Cleanliness health base . " Due to the accumulation of food debris in the body , in addition to inhibiting the smooth blood circulation will also cause toxicity in the body itself and will hinder healing . While there really is not anything that the disease can not be cured . Dr. . Cnristopher said , " Remember , there are no diseases incurabie only people who tnink incurabie they are . " " Remember , he said " there was no illness that can not be cured , only people thinking that they can not recover . "
Thus Dr . Christopher suggested three - day cleansing program ; Dr. . N.H. Walker by way of " detoxication " and Dick Gregory with his fast program , for the purpose of cleansing and healing the body .
According to Dr . Christopher there are five advantages gained by following a three - day cleansing program ( cleansing the body for three days ) was : .
 Clears mucus - mucus from the body , which is the cause of polyps , tumors , Cysta , and the cause of visible aging .
  • Which is used to cleanse the body , in addition to cleaning the adequacy requirement can also provide the body , which can build the body's cells .
  • Will repair damaged body tissues .
  • Will reactivate the body's electrical currents are weak and will assist devices disposal of the body.
  • For those who are too fat will be reduced to a normal weight , and lean body weight will be raised to normal .

Disposal tools
Sewer adaiah body lungs , skin , kidney and anus . Sweating is the way the body of toxins that if ¬ ter resistance in the body harm. Kidneys to excrete the leftovers and metabolism of the liver . Anus will issue , not just the leftovers , but throw dirt also collapsed , in the form of cells that have been worn . as a result of the body's activities and rikiran us , and if the dirt is stuck in the body will lead to decay daiam kotein which causes the body poisoning .

The body cleanse for three days
One of the best body cleanser that can be used in the three - day cleansing program , it is an apple . Sankan than the best blood purifier , it also has the apple cassia : to heal . English title saying " An apple a day will keep the doctor away" which means , " An apple a day will avoid personal physician . "
In addition to apples , the next best cleaning agents are carrots . In carrots almost all the body's needs are available , although incomplete or insufficient .
This does not mean that only apel.dan carrots that can be used to cleanse the body . There are many other vegetables ataVi fruit that can be used like oranges , watermelon , grapefruit , grapes , beans and others. Even distilled water can be used .
However, because the carrot is more easily available and generally less expensive , so I gave way three - day cleansing program using carrot juice . The principle of supply and use of carrot juice is equal to apples and other vegetables .

First Day
Early in the morning , around 06.00 , papaya juice drink 2 cups ( approximately 400-500 cc ) . Pepayanya not raw , but also not too ripe , lest lumpy dijuice time . The goal is to drink papaya juice as a laxative to cleanse the bowels . Half an hour later , or at 06:30 , start drinking carrot juice ( carrot juice only , not mixed with water ) as much as 3 liters a day . This carrot juice should not be mixed with salt , sugar , or with what though . The carrot juice should be drunk between five or six times in a day . When carrot juice is not very suitable with your body , drink a little , but more often . But if if does not fit at all , should be replaced with apple cider or other juice . Do not forget that during the cleaning of the body , you should not eat anything .

Second Day
Same as the first day , start by drinking papaya juice at 06:00 in the morning as much as 1 ½ to 2 cups ( 400-500 cc ) . Half an hour later returned drank carrot juice as recommended on the first day .
On the second day , so that there are fibers in the stomach , eat one carrot a day preferably at noon . In addition to eating a carrot on the second day , drink a teaspoon of olive oil three times a day . Purpose olive oil is drunk is as a lubricant for the esophagus and colon . Keep in mind that when carrots are used for cleaning , only carrots that may be eaten , should not be mixed .

The third day
The third day was not much different from the second day . Obvious difference is that on the third day no longer starts with drinking papaya juice , but - just drink carrot juice with the same size and with the rules the first day and second day .
Carrot can be eaten on the third day , the same as on the second day . And olive oil still drink one teaspoon three times a day .
On the third day you will feel hungry . But do not worry , you will not feel hungry because of lack of substances the body needs , but because of habit and feeling of fullness because your body is cleansed of many food scraps are disposed of in the body .

the fourth day
On the fourth day , if you are still able to survive , stop drinking carrot juice , but drink only clean water ( distilled water if possible ) as much as possible . This will help clean up debris that was piled up in the body . But , if you can not stand , on the fourth day you may have to drink vegetable juice and other fruits or eat ( all raw without cooking ) . Without cooking healthy meals can be seen in the following chapter .

Fifth day onwards
On this day you have yang.kelima be drinking cider and various types of fruits and vegetables and eat them raw. Do not be in too fast back into the daily diet while your body is in the process of cleaning . Your diet in the first week during the three - day cleansing program is seen in the following chapter , especially if you are suffering from some kind of disease. But do not forget to continue drinking vegetable juice and fruit every day . If you absolutely can not stand you have may eat food cooked slightly in the fourth or fifth day .
After a week of following the diet mentioned above , you should have followed your diet everyday habits with respect to the following matters

    Reduce food cooked
    Reduce salt , sugar and oil
    Reduce eggs , meat and fish
    Do not drink cow's milk
    Do not eat white bread , butter and cheese .
    Do not smoke , drink alcohol , coffee and tea .

During the symptoms Cleaning
When your body has been cleaned , there is a tendency that you will experience the following things :
  • Will feel pain in the area cleared
  • Such as panic
  • May be temporarily hurt the stomach , head , and almost all of the body feels uncomfortable and possibly constipation .
  • The ends of the fingers and toes sometimes feels like being dragged.

When things like that happen dis.ebut.kan above it , fear not , because that's a sign that your body is being cleansed .
Of course , your body can not be cleaned properly by following one three - day cleansing program . Food debris and dirt that has been hardened body and accumulate for many years , can not easily be destroyed and discarded entirely . Therefore this cleanup can be held at least four times a year , if not once a month . Do not forget the food we eat everyday has always left its remains in the body ; especially if the type of food that has to be inorganic . Remnants that make the body parts that are not functioning normally .

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